Cara Mencontek yang Paling Kreatif Sedunia

Posted by Mocee Ilham on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gan, just browse the internet, meet the world's most creative way of cheating, according to TS yes.

Because now more season at not pass the examination. So think it's time TS fitting to launch this Thread.

But do not be judged negatively yes, it's just for a share. So, Hot thread is really - reallywelcome! uheuuehuheuhuee = p

Immediately, Gan, check these steps:

Oh yes, before, the object takes is a plastic soft drink bottles, glue, scanners, andprinters.
1. First Steps

Dislodged from the beverage bottle labels as above ...

2. step Two

Scan the label cola drinks with your scanner, for ane that do not have a scanner, go toMultiplus, or borrowed friend! huehue, would like the picture above.

3. Third step

After a successful scan, edit in Paint or Photoshop. remove the white paper describing the Nutrition Facts. So after removed and edit the result will look like the picture above.

4. step Four

After that, who wants to cheat overwritten same agan see fit test. Chemical formulas,physics, maths, aja write all there, but do not forget Gan, white font color should not letout. huehuehheue

5.step Five

The final step, adjust the label that we had already edited to fit the original shape, eitherthe font or size of the paper. Then stay in print, then stay agan glue and sticky labels onsoda agan earlier. Dhe finished. Once the exam, stay taro was soft drinks on the tableagan, teachers and supervisors will not suspicious. hueuehuheuhue

How gan? Unique and Creative right? hehehehe.