Surat Cinta Anak IPA vs IPS

Posted by Mocee Ilham on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IPA kids love letter

Archimedes and Newton would not understand the magnetic
the berinduksi among us
Einstein and Edison was unable to formulate E = mc2
Ah no comparable moment of love

First bayangmu falls right in the focus of my heart
Real, upright, magnified by the power of the lens
Milikan fall like drops of oil in a vacuum
Love is greater than Avogadro's number ...

Although we like the sun and the distance of Pluto as
The amplitude of the wave with my heart berinterfensi
Beautiful perfect harmonic motion with no restoring force
Like coupling force with the angular velocity is not

Love unstoppable mechanical energy by friction
The potential energy is unaffected by the constant love
Kinetic energy =-mv my love ~
Even the law of conservation of energy can not compete
law of conservation of our

See the law of love
Moments perpendicular to the moment of my love your love
Making love as a point of equilibrium
With infinite inertia
Would not be deterred impulse or momentum style

This is the resultant momentum of our love ...

IPS kids love letter

Hal: Offer

I am very excited to tell you that I
have fallen in love with you counted on 17
April 2003.

Based on our family meeting on 15 May
at 19:00, I was determined to
You offer yourself as a prospective lover.

Love relationship we will establish probation
at least 3 months before entering the permanent stage.

Of course, after the trial period is over, will be held
advance on the job training intensively
sustainable. And then, every three months
The next will be held also the work performance evaluation
which could lead to an increase of the status of
lover to spouse.

Costs incurred for meals and home
shopping will be divided equally between the two sides
parties. Furthermore, based on performance and
your performance, it was likely that I
will bear a larger part of expenditures

However, I was wise enough and able to assess,
amount and form of the expenses that you spend

I humbly ask you to
answer this offer within 30 days
as of the date penerimaansurat. Passed from the date of
such, this offer will be canceled without
further notice, and of course I will
switch and considering other candidates.

I would really love if you berterimah
pleased to forward this letter to sister
women, even a close friend of your cousin, if
You reject this offer.

Similarly, I can offer and ask
Previous thank you for your attention.


Prospective mate