Tutorial Making Love in the Car

Posted by Mocee Ilham on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This time we will discuss the problem of how to each partner not experiencing boredom or burnout in love, and very human we really kok klo yg couple bored with it, it wrote, bored with the style of so-so reply aja, yg environment bored with so-so aja dah ... just bored ..

Well if you get bored (bored ya klo udah gak heheh ..) try once in a while you have sex with your spouse in the car, the car in a state diem or roads? .... It's up to clear the road when his car while certainly more fun and more exciting, but the risk is too bad you have to be careful .. klo gak can-can "Through"! (ya e ya lah gitu loh ... in!)

Well kept his position or his style of how to make love, not a narrow car? ya dong select a slightly larger car, for example a bus or a truck trailer hehehe, gak gak kok kidding, do not worry bro, here are some styles you can reply if you want to make love echoes in the car